Taylor Seaton

Taylor Seaton is one dedicated dude. It’s been rumored that his OCD only aids in his desire to keep his tricks and style super clean and on point. He lives in New Zealand every summer (their winter) to train, compete, and hit on the local Kiwi girls. He has no real “natural” direction of spinning, something that is pretty much unheard of in skiing. He just has certain tricks he throws right, and others that he throws left. This allows him to put together incredible pipe runs with total fluidity, perfect grabs, constant air awareness, and unique style. Like his good friend (and fellow Virtika rider) Pat Baskins, Taylor doesn’t limit himself to any one aspect of the sport. He competes in pipe, slopestyle, big mountain, etc. Taylor is an excellent videographer and editor and puts together all his own edits which are featured on Newschoolers, Inspired Media, and other websites. We’re stoked to have him on the team!

AKA: T Sizzle.
Age: 24 years young.
First Comp: US Open when I was 13.
Born: Boulder, Colorado. Moved to Vail with the fam in middle school.
Home Base: Vail, Colorado (the town and the mountain).
Hobbies: 4-wheeling, working on his jeep, mountain biking, snowmobiling.
Placed In: NZ Open, X-Games, Dew Tour, Junior Olympics, WSI, European Open, Grand Prix, Breck Spring Massive, World Championships, Aspen Open, World Cup, NZ Winter Games, US Freeskiing Open, Big Bear Open.
Why Virtika? They have super tough, technical outerwear that fits right and looks DOPE. Plus the everyone in the company and team know how to have a great time!

Taylor’s Skills