AKA: The spanish conquistador, Senior bull fighter.
Age: Thirty tree big ones.
Hood: Steady rockin Spain and Andorra.
1st Place: Too many to list (19 major wins in 10 years, oh yea.
Silver Screen: We Are Family, Gravedad 0, Art 01, 02, 03.
Published In: Solo Nieve, 4skiers, Shock, Skiing, Rockzone, Sport, La Vanguardia.
Coached: Ef-Freeski.
Hobbies: Coaching wakeboarding at lac-wakeboard.
Plans For The Season: Coaching, traveling to film, shoot, compete, and continue progressing.
Quote To Live By: If you fight you can lose, but if you don’t fight you are lost.
Why Virtika? Sickest gear ever!

Pako's Skills