Nicki Weiss

Nicki is the nicest guy you’ll meet in the park and he’s always grinning from ear to ear.  A snowboarder to his core, he rides every day and works nights to support his love for the sport. Nicki is the local who shows up at the park when they open the gates and throws the most banger tricks you’ve ever seen. From tens all 4 ways to various dubs, Nicki looks comfortable anytime he’s in the air. We filmed Nicki’s sections in our Friday videos in a few runs, he is that consistent.

AKA: Mister Weissmiesser
Age: Twenty-nine
Hood: Breckenridge, Colorado.
1st Place: Breck Spring Massive Rail Jam
Shoots/Videos: Snowboarder Superpark, Breck team shoots, Friday videos
Favorite Day: Riding pow with the homies at Breck, dropping cliffs, and throwing dubs when the sun comes out.
Bad At:
Falling. Well, I try to be bad at that.
Why Virtika? 
I love supporting local Colorado companies, and it just so happens Virtika makes the best gear in the game!

Nicki’s Skills