Katrina Nicole

Katrina was born in MA but grew up in Wilmington, Delaware. She went to a quaker school called Wilmington Friends School. Everyone was very friendly. She started out snowboarding and moved to Colorado to attend engineering school at CU Boulder. She met a cute boy who was like “you’d be way hotter if you skied” and so she did. Virtika founder David Lesh was Katrina’s first coach and taught her to “hit box”. It’s all been down hill from there. Trina is most well known for her web series exploits on newschoolers.com called “Sexual Wednesdays” where she mostly doesn’t get naked and has some pretty good skiing and other antics thrown in. She now dominates the park, most men from 18-24 (but will go older), urban rails, and the interwebs. What they say is true, Trina really is one “bad bitch” and we couldn’t be more stoked to have her on the team.

AKA: Trina, “The Baddest Bitch”
Insta: @trina_sig
Age: Legal
Favorite Trick: Blind surface swaps
Hood: Summit County, Colorado
Favorite Music: Sensual R&B, ATL hip-hop, classic rock, and anything that “heightens the mood”
Silver Screen: “Sexual Wednesdays” on Newschoolers.com
Plans For The Season: Ski with the #VirtiKrew, make ill edits, make all the park boys drool
Why Virtika? It’s perfect. Virtika is the only company that I fit in with and supports me in whatever I do.

Katrina’s Skills

Ignoring cat calls from the lift