Ford RS

Our new 400 HP, all-wheel drive Ford RS was born in Germany and made the voyage across the Atlantic just for us. This marks the first time that the RS has been available in the US and the first time Ford has made a car in Germany and imported it into America. It is decked out with a Thule box and rack and is wrapped by PGI Wraps in Denver. Our RS is a fun loving, rally racing whip. It enjoys transporting the team to various ski, sled, and party spots and can be seen stuntin’ all over good ol’ North America, whipping donuts and wreaking all sorts of havoc. For our RS’s twin-scroll turbo, it demands only the most premium of gasoline. It hates to drive slowly or straight, so don’t be surprised (or offended) if it flies by you sideways, towing a sled, in a white-out blizzard. RS means so harm, it’s just out to have a good time and get the team where they need to be. It’s always stocked with stickers and good peeps so give a shout next time you see it!

AKA: Rally Mobile, Da Whip.
Age: New born, brand new.
Hood: All over North America, rallyin’ and stuntin’.
Favorite Music: A mixture of rap, dubstep, and dancehall.
Coaches: Gapers on I-70 who can’t drive.
Plans For The Season: Load up the sled and put on some miles!
Why Virtika? I couldn’t ask for a better company to rep!

RS’s Skills

Transporting Team Virtika In Style
Eluding Police