AKA: BM, The stuntman, Madman.
Age: I authentically was born on February, 29th… so it gets confusing.
Instagram: @brentmeyersnow
Hood: Born in the burbs of Chicago, now pushing over a decade in Breckenridge.
1st Place: In my daughter’s heart… lol, cheese factor 10! It’s been a while since i was in that competition rat race… 1st at Snowboard Rodeo Film Festival, Ford Freeride Challenge, etc…
Silver Screen: 611’s Hammertime, Pin Pin 1-9, Sup Bro, couple of First Track’s production flicks, Catalyst, Fuel The Fire, Libido… lots of misc vids- over 25 parts in past 15 years, the Discovery Channel’s “Stunt Junkies” TV show, and my recent favorite: a shot in the “People Are Awesome” video on youtube with 30 million hits….lol
Published In: Transworld Snowboarding, Snowboarder Magazine, Future Snowboarding, Snowboard Colorado Mag, Japanese Transworld Snowboarding, couple of Euro Mags, and some other Japanese mags.
Hobbies: My house, biking, skating, frisbee golf, old cars, fixing things, Craigslist hunting.
Biggest Challenge: Balancing time with the kids, shredding, and finishing the never ending project: my house.
Why Virtika? I am a fan of riding for innovative companies on the come up and supporting bros rather than corporate interests. I have always rooted for Virtika!

Brent's Skills