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 Our attention to detail has never been greater. We just uploaded a ton of close up pics of our new Signature outerwear to the product pages of Virtika.com. Super clean embroidery, laser cut logos, molded snaps and clasps, printed mesh liners, super clean reinforced stitching, etc.  Next Friday drops tomorrow at 10am MTN time. Why would we drop it on a Tuesday? We tryin' to party on Friday, and so should you. Watch it tomorrow!
 Brent Meyer likes to hand drag off cliffs in his Signature pants and V4 jacket. And that's pretty cool. @brentmeyersnow #getvirtikal  Monkey business on a warm fall day in Maine. #getVirtikal
 Taylor Seaton going big on the money booter at #Cardrona. NZ's season just ended, but Colorado's has just begun! #GetVirtikal  Beautiful sunrise over a snowy Breck. The season is here!
 WIN A VIRTIKA V3 JACKET! Post your favorite screen shot from Part 1 of NEXT FRIDAY to your Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to hashtag #GetVirtikal and #NextFriday. We will announce the winner next week. Contest ends when part 2 drops on 10/28.  Taylor Seaton with an over-crook, nose grab, nose press. Oh yeaaaa. #NewZealand #Cardrona @taylorseaton
 "Next Friday" is now ONLINE!! Link is in our profile. Enjoy   Ski season has begun in Colorado! #Abasin