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 A little bird told us that Round 2 of out pre-order specials might end tomorrow at Midnight. Last chance to get $40 off, free hoodie, and free beanie with all 2015 outerwear pre-orders. We normally don't let people know, but we figured we'd hook up our social media followers!  Tom Barnier. France. Urban. Triple L suit. Nuff said. #getvirtikal @tombarnier
 We just put Taylor Seaton on the Virtika program. He's down in NZ right now making hard things look easy in #Cardrona's superpipe. @taylorseaton #getvirtikal  Tom Barnier playing in the European Alps deep stuff in his Triple L suit (on sale now-hint hint). Can winter some soon please? Thanks. #whiteroom @tombarnier
 Surf's up guys. Sunshine and white waves makes for a great day.  @brentmeyersnow  2015 Signature Sold Slate pants, with zip-off bib, adjustable suspenders, waist cinchers, 25k waterproof/breathable shell, huge mesh vents, and adjustable pant cuff spreaders. Last chance to get pre-order round 2 deals including: - FREE express shipping - FREE beanie of your choice - FREE hoodie of your choice - $40 OFF all 2015 outerwear
 It snowed in Colorado today, down to 6,000 ft! Winter is just around the corner. @davidlesh finding his way through the #backcountry last winter in his Triple L suit. #sledding @sledwraps #wrapitbeforeyourideit #skidooxp #braap  Customer @dima_shrayner staying warm in his ninja suit, looking over the frozen expanse of mother Russia. #getvirtikal
 We just finished up the last shots for #NextFriday. It's going to be pretty incredible! #flyingprivate #jetshoot #getvirtikal  Looking good girls. To hell with everyone who said you should have gotten braces. #NextFriday #lakeparty #snapback