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 @pakobenguerel with one very scenic sunset hand plant in Andorra. : @vavisual  @tct_hustle in his happy place, standing on top of his line in Breck's "sidecountry", about to drop into fresh, silent pow. #getVirtikal
 @cbooskiing on the grind at the Olympic stadium in Quebec with @newschoolersdotcom and Tabarnak Pack. XL Olive N' Black Triple L pants and XXLT Black Virtika Pullover. #getVirtikal : @jwalter1337  @davidlesh was hospitalized for the first time in his life last week due to a crazy infectious skin disease. Gnarly stuff. He just got his IV out last night and is getting right back to it! Lesh is rocking XL Triple L pants (35% off) and XL V3 jacket (60% off). Plus all 2015 Signature and Vir-Tek Shell outerwear is now 25% OFF!! Sled wrap by @toyskinz. #getvirtikal. Literally
 @jbfreeski is the newest addition to the Virtika team, seen here cruising over a frozen stream rocking Drought Signature pants and Badge Hoodie. Check out his team page on Virtika.com to learn more. We're excited to see what he puts together this year! : @a_fauvs  @brentmeyersnow found some sun and deep snow the other day. It's been a good season so far in Colorado. Stoked to see what the rest of the year will bring!
 Our late season SALE has begun. EVERYTHING on Virtika.com is now 25-60% off. We're also giving away free beanies/balaclavas with all outerwear orders. #bigSale #hurryHurryHurry  Julien Eustache is back in France and still gettin R dun! Quite the little flat right down flat down urban rail. Keeping it ninja in black Signature pants, black Throwback tee, black Pullover. @ju_eustache
 We've got the dopest customers. Take, for example, Jeremy Quirion seen here finding his way down a double kink C-rail in his Signature pants and Badge Hoodie. #urbanrail : Tommy Leahey  T Sizzle back at it under the lights in Aspen in his Seafoam Triple L pants and black Crewneck sweatshirt. #Xgames @taylorseaton